As Bouncey so elouently put it, most people know you for 'sycing' up the crowd and dazzling up the stage with your magnetic energy.  But being in your band, I got to know you as the person, the father, the son, the brother and a great friend.  We shared the stages, the roadtrips, the long rehearsals, the family reunions, the weddings, the block parties, the kiddie cabarets, etc.  And without a doubt, your physical presence is going to be missed.  And even after the band years, you were there... part of a big reason why TMOTTGoGo became the valuable source that it is.  But not just that, you have always been a major influence and impact on my life.  Thank you, Shorty.  Love you, Shorty.  Rest in Peace, Man!


Kato's Sunday Night Flashback Tribute

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Tribute to Benny feat. Jas. Funk, Sugar Bear, Mike Muse, Scotty, and The Masters


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