July 2014
Cover: Reesa Renee
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Go-Go, the Giver and the Gift [DC Brand 99]

At a few different points in go-go history, there was a permeating confidence that the best

Proper Utensils: We Zoom Zoom Zoomed 20 Years Ago

20 years ago, a new band stepped out of the woodshed.  And with a little help

All About The WYNN’S – Everyday Hustle (Episode #1)

ALL ABOUT THE WYNNS is a view into the life and everyday hustle of two Entrepreneur’s.

Rest In Peace – Goodman Basketball Legend “Silent Assassin” Jamar Board

We are saddened to hear the tragic news regarding the death of Goodman League legend Jamar

Top 15 Most Significant 2012 Moments That Affected The Go-Go Community

Gathering all the news and events that TMOTTGoGo has reported to you in the entire year

Robert Griffin III Jersey Is NFL’s Best-Selling in Recorded History

RGIII is setting records on the field and now off the field.  He still has 3

Flyers & Emails & Tweets… Oh My!

“Like everything else that we are over saturated with, we eventually become immune and start to

Ballou Honors Sandy Hook Elementary

Photo shot of the Frank W. Ballou High School “Majestic” Marching Knights paying a loving tribute

Be’la & Santa’s Coming To Town

The All-Female band Be’la Dona brings in the Christmas cheer by rocking the All-Female band Pleasure’s

Familiar Faces Feels It at the Bleue

Familiar Faces band Go-Going the Phil Collins classic “In The Air Tonight” Live from the LaFontaine

Wisdom Speeks – Donka Donk LIVE!

Wisdom Speeks rocking the stage with their original smash “Donka Donk”, featuring Dana Renee & One

DaMixx Live Performance at Marygolds 11/21/12 – In 3 Parts

On Wednesday Thanksgiving Ever, DaMixx Band took the stage at the Marygolds Family Event Center with

Primetime’s Diamonds Live from Martins

Primetime Band performs a solid pocket driven version of “Diamonds” at Martins, lead by the beautiful

Filmmaker Bruce Brown’s New Temptation

Filmmaker Bruce Brown, the man who originally introduced us to actress Taraji P. Henson in the

Black Alley Performs Live on Fox 5 Morning News

Kacey Williams, lead vocalist of Black Alley, treated the Fox 5 Morning New’s Stuff-A-Truck campaign, and

Marvin Gaye III: Letter Regarding Dad’s Unauthorized Biopic

My Viewpoint and Response Many Marvin Gaye fans are probably now aware that a certain group

Friday Inspiration – December 7, 2012

The Perfect Timing!

Morgan State University to be 1st HBCU to Have Free Online Courses

The deepening reach of the movement to develop free Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, is

Frank Goes To New York. Siriusly!

Recently DMV artist Frank Sirius (aka Scooby) made a media run to New York City, and

Seat Pleasant Elementary to Receive Title 1 Award

Seat Pleasant Elementary School in Maryland will be honored in a ceremony on Thursday, Dec. 6

Experience Unlimited (EU) – Vets Get Live on Veterans Day

On Sunday November 11,2012, Go-Go veterans Experience Unlimited came out in full force, pulled out all

DeeJay Legend DC Fatts Has Passed Away

We are saddened to have learned of the passing of DeeJay Legend Rodney Eugene Barbour –