They Cranked. They Grooved. They Danced and Spoke About It Too.


On the nights of September 13th and 14th a SpeakeasyDC event took place at the Atlas Performing Arts Center that focused its attention on the history and plights of Go-Go music.  By the end of each night, the entire house was partying… the way it was supposed to be done. Brought … Continue reading

The Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership Lands in the Smithsonian


In the “Old-News-Is-Good-News” Department: The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture has acquired The Mothership. Starting in 2015, you’ll be able to admire the spacecraft that, amid a blaze of stagecraft and cannabis smoke, brought Funkadelic to the people. Actually, it’s a replica Mothership, built in the … Continue reading

Spike Lee’s Kickstarter Goal Has Been Reached… Plus Some


Spike Lee apparently did the right thing.  The oscar-nominated director has  surpassed his Kickstarter goal by $40,000 this weeks. The campaign, which has surpassed a staggering $1,299,635 already, still has four days to go. With $1.29 million in donations, it’s the third highest film in the crowdfunding site’s history, behind … Continue reading

Robin Thicke, Pharrell and TI Sues to Protect ‘Blurred Lines’ from Marvin Gaye’s Family


In order to shield “Blurred Lines,” the hottest hit of the summer, Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and Clifford Harris, Jr. (TI) are going to court. A lawsuit was filed Thursday in California federal court by the trio against Marvin Gaye‘s family and Bridgeport Music, which owns some of Funkadelic’s compositions. … Continue reading