Sept 2014
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Remembering Melvin Lindsey – A Quiet Storm

Melvin Lindsey was an American radio and television personality in the Washington, D.C. area. He is

Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2012 | Chuck Brown Tribute Day | July 7 2012

Chuck Brown Tribute Day July 7, 2012, all day, starting at 11:00 am Presented in cooperation

Sweet Cherie on Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown keyboardist, and member of Bela Dona, “Sweet” Cherie Mitchell-Argus shares a moment of reflection.

Dwayne Lee on Chuck Brown

Musician/Producer Dwayne Lee, of TMOTTRadio’s DeBizNest Radio Show, gathers with Stomp Dog, Smoke and Packy for

Byron Jackson on Chuck Brown

Musician/Producer Byron Jackson, of Rare Essence, talks on one of his favorite Chuck Brown hits. WATCH

Smoke Talks Chuck Brown

Go-Go Percussionist Smoke of DaMixx Band speaks on Chuck Brown’s influence on him and his passion

KC & TBob on Chuck Brown and The Continuance of Go-Go

Take a ride on a quick trip with KC (of Junkyard) and TBob (of All4U) as

Bootsy Collins Pays Tribute to Chuck Brown

Fellow musician and friend Bootsy Collins talks about the “Master of Go-Go” Chuck Brown in this

Chuck Brown Live In Japan 1992 (Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya) – [A TMOTT Pictorial]

The following images are pictures taken during one of Chuck Brown’s many concerts in Japan 1992. 

LIVE @ Geno’s Ball Park – Diva’s Inc – 6/2/12 [Photo Gallery]

The following photo gallery were taken at the Diva’s Inc. 7th Annual Biker’s Fest, which is

Go-Go Can’t Stop Now: Sure You’re Right!

As we in the Go-Go community sit back and continually come to the realization that the

Chuck Brown: “There is no such thing as a little band. If you’re playing music, he loved it.” -KK

As I (along with many others) set back and took in every single moment, every single

Looks like Chuck Brown will get his day in Congress

The “Godfather of Go-Go,”  is the subject of a new resolution that would designate his birthday,

Comedian Mike Epps tells a hilarious story at the Chuck Brown Memorial about Chuck and Marion Barry

During the Homegoing services where many people spoke to bid their final farewell to Chuck Brown

Snaps of some of the Go-Go Family at The Godfather’s Homegoing [5/31/12]

The following gallery are just a few snap-shots that were taking during the Homegoing Celebration of

DC Library Seek Items For Chuck Brown Archive

The D.C. Public Library is working to build a collection honoring “The Godfather of Go-Go”, Chuck

Memorial Arrangements for Chuck Brown

-From the office of Mayor Vincent Gray WHAT/WHO: The Brown Family, Mayor Vincent C. Gray, Events DC

A Chuck Brown Mural – How Sweet It Is!

National artist Charles Jean-Pierre, who also happens to be a teacher at Macfarland Middle School, felt

The Chuck Brown I Got To Know

One thing about Chuck Brown is so true: just about each and every person in this

Chuck Brown. The Life. The Legacy. The Love

The name Chuck Brown might not mean a whole lot to people outside the Washington DC

Interview Session with Chuck Brown [circ. May 2007]

I was moved to dig into the TMOTTGoGo archives crates and pull out an audio session

Go-Go Live: A Sneak Peek Into The Upcoming Book By Natalie Hopkinson

Over the past several years there has been a lady by the name of Natalie Hopkinson