I may be just a foolish dreamer… but I don’t care. – The Story Behind “Zoom”

The Story Behind “Zoom” Without a doubt, one of my favorite all-time top 10 songs has always been the tune by the Commodores called, “Zoom”.  From the moment it is on, there is a distinctive hi-hats/rim shot combination blended with a bass drum drive and conga rudiments that basically sets the tone and mood for the rest of the entire song.  But once the lyrics begin to set in, it’s on.  What was already vibe zoning groove catapults with some of the most powerful and deep lyrics that I have ever come to hear. As with many songs, we tend … Continue reading I may be just a foolish dreamer… but I don’t care. – The Story Behind “Zoom”

Stacy Lattisaw’s “RENEWED” To Be Released in November

Several months ago, while viewing an episode of TV Ones “Unsung” we (along with the entire world) got to not only see, but catch up with what has been going on over the years with one of our hometown favorites — Stacy Lattisaw. Well… the dynamite lady… who we let be our angel as a child… but lost her on a lonely highway, has released the cover art teaser of her finally completed autobiography.  Titled “I’m Not The Same Girl: RENEWED”, the book is set for release the first week of November. Continue reading Stacy Lattisaw’s “RENEWED” To Be Released in November

STEW BITS: Ep 16 – Sunday, November 29, 2009

AL ROKER’S MURDER MYSTERY: Today show personality Al Roker, already a successful author, has written a new mystery thriller set in his own world of network breakfast television. ———————————— GRAMMY HALL OF FAME: James Brown’s 1966 single “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” and the Isley Brothers’ “Twist and Shout” are among the 25 new recordings being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. ———————————- ALLEN IVERSON RETIREMENT OVER ALREADY? Updating the stew bit’s last report regarding the retirement of basketball’s Allen Iverson, Former ESPN commentator Stephen A Smith, now with Fox Sports Radio, is now reporting that Iverson may … Continue reading STEW BITS: Ep 16 – Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Beat, Reissued

by Justin Moyer When George Washington University music professor Kip Lornell teamed up with former Experience Unlimited (EU) manager Charles C. Stephenson to introduce academia to D.C.’s primary musical export in 2001’s The Beat, go-go blasted through boomboxes held by guys selling mixtapes out of cars near the intersection of East Capitol St. and Benning Road NE more often than it was heard on WPGC. Eight years later, white frat boys are lining up to watch Chuck Brown headline the 9:30 Club. We asked Lornell and Stephenson about what has changed. City Paper: Why does go-go face such a struggle … Continue reading The Beat, Reissued