Take Me Out To The Go-Go Media

Carrying on a mission of continued growth within the talents of our entertainment community on both a national and global scale through the effective use of technology as a powerful tool set for greater distribution and visual enhancement. The empowerment of a community which is demonstrated through our TMOTTMedia Website, TMOTTRadio.com Internet Radio Station, TMOTT TV Interview/ Music Video Show, Artist Network System, Live Performances and Various Promotional Outlets.

Our goal is the continuation of a statistical networking platform organizing and developing our efforts as a group of industry professionals who provide framework within which we do business.

Networking refers to any contact within that interpersonal framework.

Placed on the Internet exactly as it is seen in its magazine form. With an average of 4,710,279 hits per month, we are proud to be a “hotbed” — one of the more unique entertainment and information web sites on the World Wide Web. This means your advertisement will be seen around the world. Not all magazines are on the Internet out of fear that they will lose the money that they make on subscriptions and magazine purchases. Since we are already a free publication we do not share this fear. We bring our articles, features and your advertisements to the largest audience possible.

TMOTTMedia’s on-line marketing opportunities make it simple for regional and national advertisers to reach a global audience. TMOTTMedia, www.tmottgogo.com, provides a content rich, highly informative, and entertaining environment that speaks to your demographic.

TMOTTMedia is committed to help large and small businesses capitalize off the growing internet audience. As an added service we offer our expertise and experience in building websites so that you, the advertiser, can have another medium from which you can further capitalize off your advertisement. We offer many different vehicles to serve your specific need.