2010 Go-Go Award Winners Results

2010 GO-GO AWARDS RESULTS – November 21,2010 Best Go-Go DJ – DJ Big John Traditional Band – Chuck Brown Gospel Go-Go Band – Wanted Band Grown & Sexy Band – Suttle Thoughts Song of the Year – Love (Chuck Brown featuring Jill Scott) Go-Go Venue – La Fontaine Bleu Bounce Beat Band – TCB Up and Coming Band – Kimberly Michelle Experience Rhythm Section – Backyard Best Male Singer – Weensey Best Female Singer – Kimberly Michelle Best Lead Talker – Big G Rapper – Killa Cal Pocket/Percussion Section – Rare Essence Go-Go Heat – Manager – Ben Abba Promoter … Continue reading 2010 Go-Go Award Winners Results


This is an excerpt taken from the TMOTTGoGo DVD Magazine — 2003 HOLY SMOKE — IT’S SOULO!!! In this excerpt, Filmmakers Kato & Weaze took a trip to the Takoma Station to catch a live performance by SOULO Band, and caught up with percussionist, Smoke, to question his authority. This was his response. TMOTTGoGo DVD Magazine was originally released in 2003. This was the only DVD Magazine released by TMOTTGoGo, as well as the very first Go-Go DVD Magazine to ever be released. More clips to come. Continue reading HOLY SMOKE — IT’S SOULO!!!