Andre “Whiteboy” Johnson Talks About the New Rare Essence “Turn It Up” CD

WhiteBoyWebsiteThe Wickedest Band Alive has just announced that they are releasing a new studio album in May, titled Turn It Up. The first single (of the same name) has already been released on the airwaves, and can be heard now on TMOTTRadio.com.

The video for “Turn It Up”, directed by Joseph Pattisall of Wraith Films, has gotten buzz across social media, and the album cover is a work of art by Aniekan Udofia, the muralist best known for his Ben’s Chili Bowl mural. It’s obvious that this is not just another Go-Go CD. This is something we haven’t seen in Go-Go for years. Andre “Whiteboy” Johnson graciously sat down with  TMOTTGoGo to explain what it is that is so different about the Turn It Up CD.

TMOTTGoGo: So, the name of the album is Turn It Up?

Whiteboy: Yes

TMOTTGoGo: And the release date is?

Whiteboy: May 6 (2016)

TMOTTGoGo: How many albums has Rare Essence released previously?

Whiteboy: I believe this is our 15th album.

TMOTTGoGo: When was the last time you released an album of this format?

Whiteboy: It had to be back in 2001; the RE-2000 album. It was mainly studio, but there were [also] some live stuff on there as well.

TMOTTGoGo: So what made you do another album of this format now?