Are Wale and Tabi The Cause of the DMV Southern Takeover Concert No Shows at the 930 Club?

Based on the following letter circulated by Mike Chanko, promoter of the DMV Southern Takeover event at the 930 Club this past Saturday, the no shows of Bun B, Wale and Tabi Bonney was caused due to Wale’s bad mouthing (Twittering) of the show:

“Ok, here it is. A lot of people are wondering what is going on and what had happen to Bun B.  I was asked to be on a few shows to discuss the DMV South show @ the 930 club. Wale has been twitting negative things about my show for weeks after weeks, but this put the icing on it. I have an addenum signed specificly for this matter. Although the management signed the addenum faxed to me, I couldn’t attach it to show his signature.

[Click on to read the contract addenum and click on to read what Wale said.]

My argument with Bun B manager is that, their boy Wale falsified Bun’s whereabouts, damaging my show. Wale was not even in house. He was in Darmount (N.H) when he did this twittering, and Bun was flying from Tulsa to DC and I check him in his hotel. I brought it to Bun and his manager and they saw the same thing. They said that they can’t control what Wale do. Well, if Wale is your boy, why is he messing with the show that you’re on? That means if the show flop because of him, 9 out of 10 of promoters will cancel you out and you will not get your 2nd half. In this case, my addendum speaks for itself. Does Bun B really know what Wale just caused because of his ignorance and egotistic? Bun’s manager still wanted his 2nd half. I refuse because it violates my contract. That’s why Bun didn’t make it to the show.

Now the Washington Post writes about what happen to the show? The 930 club of course blames the promoter.  But the 930 club also gave me the wrong ticket sale, making me think it was 285 a couple of days before the event, yet when I came to the venue the day of the event, they said I only sold about 70 tickets. My mouth dropped. They said that it was including my comps that I pulled out. I have an email stating my ticket “sales”. Not Comps. That’s two different words. Also, the day of the event, I have at least 30 + people who told me that when they tried to purchase tickets online, it booted them off the sale and said ticket aren’t available for this show.

This concert had a lot of support and great promotion behind it to only sell about 70 tickets.  It has been promoted 6 weeks in advance. We’re talking about radio and college radio, ad truck, email blast, 40k + flyer, posters and every colleges in this area was hit and to have only 70 sold, something’s not right! If I would had known ticket sales were that low with all the negative twittering between Wale and Tabi, I would had postponed for another date, so that there wouldn’t be any interference.

Tabi did it because after they agreed on the show and I put them on the flyer, they later came back and ask for more money. That’s dirty. I have no respect for a person like that!!

Did Wale and Tabi know that also caused the up and coming DC artist there chance for a big audience to come see them?  Because of his ignorance.

His local booking/assistant MIKE WILSON, confirmed his appearance, and along with being on the flyer, I have that on my phone text confirming it. The 930 Club also got a call from the other booking agency and said the same thing,  but because they got the date conflicted, I was to blame. So where was I wrong for wale to twitt negative things about my event? Because he was announced to the VMAs, he got a bigger offer from the college, and that’s where he went with. Either he never blamed his camp, or his camp never told him the truth and let him run his mouth. This is one of the reasons why WKYS disses him. “We only play hot songs.” Why support Wale for when he don’t even support the up & coming artist? This show was not just about me.  I have so many call about artist wanting to open up. I couldn’t put everyone on. I tried. Everyone knows that performing @ the 930 club is a good look on your resume.  I didn’t have to add anyone on, but I did it because I feel there is good talent here in the DMV. I’m trying to give them a chance and I got screwed. I have more radio interviews, and I’m about to clear it with the Washington Post as well.

Thanks for your support, you deserve to know the truth!!”

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