DC stand up!! GO GO MURAL FUND

MANY VOICES, MANY BEATS, ONE CITY is a new mural dedicated to GO GO music and the musicians who have created the sound of our town. Located in heart of Anacostia at 2420 MLK Avenue, SE.

Measuring at 125 ft L X 25 ft T, the mural is a massive undertaking. When it is completed this mural will be the first in the city to honor the legacy of these musicians by incorporating an image recognition application which allows the viewers to access video content by scanning the murals surface with their mobile devices.


This mural will serve as an educational tool for future generations to learn about GO GO music and its importance to our city.

The mural is already in progress (began last fall), and they will be returning to the mural site April 24th-30th to install portraits of several musicians who have passed away, including Chuck Brown, Little Benny, Fat Rodney, Byron “BJ” Jackson, and more.

They are seeking to raise the funds immediately to complete the mural painting, which includes additional supplies, artist stipends and the rental of a lift to complete the upper portions of the wall, as well as the needed coding for the image recognition function of the mural.

Your support will make the difference in the being able to complete this important mural, and in turn creating a valuable educational resource for the community.