Face(book) To Face(book) with Agent 99 & Dwayne Lee

Face(book) To Face(book) is a direct question and answering interview session conducted directly on the TMOTTGoGo Magazine Facebook Page. In this session, Agent 99 targets Musician/Producer Dwayne Lee on the subject  regarding one of his current projects GODISHEUS.

      • Arihat Idham I have a few questions about this guitar solo.

      • Dwayne Lee Yes, what is it Madam Agent 99? LOL!!!!

      • Arihat Idham Hello, sir. And thanks! OK…. I’ll stop after, like, 4 or 5 questions. I’m just feeling the band.

        First question: Is this a split personality type of thing, like you’re a few different kinds of guitarists playing in a different mental zones (for different genres or bands)?

      • Dwayne Lee I’ve always played and loved very different styles of music( and Instruments) my entire career. I guess it is a split personality in a way. So you haven’t talked to Kato Hammond about that? LOL!!!!

      • Dwayne Lee Actually, on the guitar I’ve been playing Rock longer than I’ve played Go Go. I started In Go Go on drums so when I taught myself guitar It was because of Rock.

      • Arihat Idham Damn. OK.

      • Arihat Idham When the other band members were introduced, I was SHOCKED! Kinda mad I haven’t seen y’all yet and don’t really have a whole lot of info on this band. What brought y’all together?

      • Dwayne Lee ?…And I also didn’t see that much difference in the music that I like. it was all the same to me. I looked at Funkadelic, Mothers Finest, Prince, and early E.U. with Tino Jackson as Funk/Rock music and thought everyone was in the same category.

      • Arihat Idham Nope, haven’t asked Kato anything. Haven’t had internet access in a few days, and one of the last things I saw was this video when Head Roc posted it.

      • Arihat Idham ?Kato keeps posting that thing about this being a hub for musicians to connect with their fans. I’m not just a hood journalist; I’m a fan and a proud Rump Shaker. So…. I’m connecting. See? :o)

      • Dwayne Lee The majority of my career in music I’ve always been in bands with me friends so when I decided to get this band together 5 years ago It was for personal reasons and not for show per se and I chose like minded extremely talent musician friends (check their resumes) so we could Jam/Shed and do something that we really liked doing and not be in a box. This band started as a pure Old School Funk band that turned into a Rock band when my keyboard player (a very close friend) Dimi Doc had to do other things and I just turned my amp up and played louder like I’ve always done in every band I’ve been in. *SMILE*

      • Dwayne Lee We’ve always say and it’s a play on words with our name. You Gotta See Us!!!!

      • Arihat Idham Cool! And I see that Head Roc just liked the post, so if you’re reading, please close your eyes real quick.

        Mr. Lee…. let me ask about Head Roc. I’ve recently become Fb friends with him. And from his page, I’m getting this image in my head:


        Blackety black ya’ll!
      • Arihat Idham How in the hayell did HE get with y’all?? LOL!! I have heard the hip hop from him, and I’m not surprised at the rock band thing, but seeing that it’s a bunch of go-go musicians and him is tripping me out. Seriously. I gotta see y’all. LMAO

      • Arihat Idham Not just “a bunch of go-go musicians”… I know y’all sensitive n sht… I mean, like…. That’s a NICE ass group!!!

      • Dwayne Lee I’ve been in groups with him longer than anyone else in this band. This band in some ways is a continuation of a previous band (of friends) we had about 15 years ago called Third Level Genius (5 time Wammy Award winners). A Live Hip Hop band before the Roots came along. You would also be surprised if you really new what our local ‘Go Go’ musicians have really done. BJ Byron Jackson is Katos cousin. Please ask Kato about us PLEASE!!!!!!!

      • Dwayne Lee By the way, they call me the Malcom X of Go Go. Cause I don’t take no Shit from anyone and I want things right. Never been a follower and I have my own direction contrary to what and they way things seemed to have been.

      • Dwayne Lee Notice the color of our banner. We are Blacker than Black!!!!!! Y’all.

      • Arihat Idham I know that Byron (BJ, right?) is Kato’s cousin.
        I *WILL* ax Kato!!!
        But I can also ax you. So, ha!
        Thanks a lot. I appreciate you taking the time.

      • Arihat Idham Whhaaaaaat? Lemme find out. OK. Good info.

        Wait… don’t you play other instruments?

      • Dwayne Lee I meant about what he’s done in music. His resume is ridiculous.

      • Dwayne Lee Yes. I grew up as a keyboardist, then drums as a teenager (moving to Go Go) then MTV made me teach myself Rock guitar and somehow I always knew how to play the bass.

      • Arihat Idham Overachiever. Excellent!

      • Dwayne Lee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIi6YearMaM

        GODISHEUS Best of 2010


        This is a picture montage of what led up to GODISHEUS (Gotta-See-US) being nomin…See More
      • Dwayne Lee The previous year Wammy Awards. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LN11TFzJOJ4


        The 2010 W.A.M.A. Awards Best Rap Duo/Group acceptance speech by Dwayne Lee for …See More
      • Arihat Idham That’s inspirational. I dig it.

      • Dwayne Lee How come we aint Facebook friends yet?

      • Arihat Idham Ooops. It’s TOOKEN care of now!

      • Dwayne Lee http://bit.ly/LjrIE2


        The GODISHEUS International Funk Train aka The GIFT, or simply GODISHEUS (pronou…See More
      • Arihat Idham That’s cool as sht!!!! LOL! I’m like a kid with a new toy! (Rumpshaker with a new band to see!)

      • Arihat Idham I’m ready to FunkRock out!!! Good videos up. I’ll be on YouTube. :o) Later, Mr. Lee!!

      • Dwayne Lee ?”GODISHEUS” first EP ‘The GODISHEUS International Funk Train’ release is now available for FREE!!!FREE!!FREE!!! Download http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/godisheus


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