Frank “Scooby” Sirius Finalized To Nationally Represent DC In The Andre Harrell Superstar Soul Search

On Saturday July 24, Frank “Scooby” Sirius set out to take part, along with 500 others, in the Andre Harrell Superstar Soul Search.  Before the day was over, that 500 was narrowed down to three.  And when that day was over, Scooby was the last man standing.  And that’s not bad at all coming from a competition that originally started out online with 3000 contestants.

What does that mean?  Well it means that by the time Saturday ended, Andre Harrell’s team remembered his name.  It means that he not only topped out that day as the single finalist, emerging from the Washington DC region, but that on July 31, he will hit the National stage level of Harrell’s Soul Search competition… the final stretch that ends in Atlanta, Georgia.  Along with nine other finalist from areas such as PHiladelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston and Charlotte, Sirius will take the stage for the final crown.

For me information regarding the Finals, please click HERE!

Also, check out the clip below as Sirius performs his single, Remember My Name:

Check him out again below as “Scooby”, performing his song “Sunshine” with the band Lissen:

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