Go-Go Legend Funky Ned’s Impromptu Jam Session Rocks the Streets of New Zealand

Dig, if you will, this picture. Legendary bass player Michael “Funky Ned” Neal (Rare Essence, Maxwell, The Legends) and his family are vacationing. Taking a cruise around Australia and New Zealand.  While walking around one of the ports in Northi Island, New Zealand, they run into three guys who were musically jamming from the back of their van.  Being the musician and music fan that he is, Mike decided to stop and listen to them perform.

After about 3 songs in, Neal’s wife Angela mentioned to the bass player that Mike plays as well.  And that’s when guy offered him his bass, Mike accepted the invitation to play… and the rest was history.

Once they finally finished the impromptu jam session, Mike’s 14 year old daughter looked up to him and said, “Are you happy now, dad? You got your fix!”

Of course he was!


** Video property of Angela Neal