If you don’t make flyers for your shows, you don’t deserve to get booked


6 reasons why it’s important to make flyers for every show

1. Not everyone is on Facebook (or Twitter, or G+, or whatever)

As powerful a promotional tool as Facebook Events are, you can’t rely on just an Event invite and a few tweets to sufficiently spread the word about your show. And even people that ARE on social media that might’ve otherwise gone to your show aren’t necessarily following you on Facebook or Twitter to hear about every concert announcement.

2. You’ll meet new people

When you hand out flyers or hang up posters around town, you inevitably strike up some conversations, meet interesting folks, and find some music fans who are willing to take a chance on a band they’ve never heard of before, just because they met you on the street one day.

3. It helps people actually remember shows

Do you remember every Facebook Event you’ve been invited to? Of course not. But when you have a flyer on your fridge, you’re more likely to keep that show in your mind. 

4. Flyers document culture

Sure, you can have a photo gallery or a Facebook album of all your concert posters and flyers, but there’s nothing quite like seeing your band info up there next to a bunch of other acts — or having all your concert posters hanging on the walls in your basement studio.

5. It shows other bands you care

Bands want to play with other acts they know are serious about promotion. If you’ve been trying to get an opening slot for a bigger band in your town, they may take notice after seeing your flyers and eventually seek you out.

6. It shows EVERYONE you care

The fans. The concert promoters. The booker. Even total strangers. When you make a serious promotional effort, people take you seriously. Go figure!


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