Interview Session with CCB

From the vaults of TMOTTGoGo Media, this audio interview session takes place during yet another chapter in DC music history. It was the beginning of a new year. 2008. A new generation of go-go musicians had making a big noise and impact on a new generation of go-go. They went by the name of CCB (Critical Condition Band). The local urban radio stations were filling their airwaves with some of CCB’s songs, such as “Classy” and “My Phatty”. Yet in spite of all that was going for them, for some reason they imploded and broke up anyway. Tune in to this session as Kato and Preston sat with Manager Mark, E-Time and their newest female vocalist Ms. Kim Scott, as they break down the reasons why the group broke up, and map out their strategies as they began to reform their comeback. Keep in mind that this interview session originally took place on January of 2008. Featuring Hosts… Kato Hammond and Preston Blue.