Kato Interview with JoVan Smith of Designs By Jovee – 2003 [a TMOTT DVD Magazine Excerpt]

This is an excerpt taken from the TMOTTGoGo DVD Magazine — 2003.
In this particular clip, Kato is interview a young JaVon Smith, creator of Designs By Jovee.
There are times when it is almost difficult to understand parts of the interview, because they were actually just in the green room while an actual fashion show was in prograss. However, the information that JaVon shares, as well as the presentation that Designs By Jovee delivers, makes the watching of the clip very enjoyable.

TMOTTGoGo DVD Magazine was originally released in 2003. This was the only DVD Magazine released by TMOTTGoGo, as well as the very first Go-Go DVD Magazine to ever be released.
More clips to come.

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