Killa Cal “Animal” – The Mini Documemntary


This month, January 2016, marks the 4 year anniversary of Killa Cal’s membership with Rare Essence. And to commemorate this, Da Animal himself has released a mini-documentary giving his appreciation of not only the support he has been receiving during those 4 years, but all the support that he has been receiving even prior.

About the Mini-Documentary:

“This picks up in the year 2012 when Killa Cal first leaves The What Band and starts his journey with The Wickedest Band Alive Rare Essence. It shows Cal in the studio recording some of his rap music and it comes full circle with footage from The What Band Reunion in late 2015…. Commentary also provided by radio personalities Diva Di’Voice and DJ Swagg….. this was shot and edited by Brandon Best. January 2016 marks 4 years that Killa Cal has been in the band Rare Essence. Since he has arrived he has contributed to six singles and four of the most recent PA albums released along with features on two RE mixtapes. With a new PA slated for mid January 2016 and a new Rare Essence album on the way in the spring, this year is sure to be eventful for this unit.”
– Dre, CEO of RapMastersTV


For all things Killa Cal visit his website all of the aforementioned singles and PA’s are available on iTunes or on