Little Benny Day on TMOTTRadio Thursday Sept 26 2013


Make sure that you’re locked in to TMOTTRadio this Thursdays September 26, as we will be rockin all Little Benny and nothing but Little Benny all that day and night.


Body Moves | Backs Up Against The Wall | He Big Fun | Hollywood (Umm Umm Good) | Ice | Maniac | Camey All Over | One on One | Roll Call | Shoo Be Doo Wop | Take Me Out To The GoGo | The Real McCoy | Display | What’s That Fuss | RE Express | Get Funky With It | Do It On Down | Funky Stuff | To The Beat Everybody | Don’t Stop | Shake It Don’t Break It | Railroad Tracks | Take A Little Ride Through The City | Glass House | Say What | Who Comes To Boogie | Walk | Jungle Boogie Feaver | Cat In The Hat | The Message | The Do It Fluid | Dance Across The Floor | Thong Song | Hope | Brother To Brother | Get Your Drink On | Bellow Meso Bardo | I’m King | Big City Groove | Ladies of the Eighties | Mercedes | Bedtime Story | Pop Goes The Weazle | GoGo Rumpshaker | Slam | Do Re Mi | Work That Thing | She Keeps Calling Me | And much much more – Even joints you’ve never heard before!

*** Top Photo property of Robert R. Roberts

*** Images within Bottom Photo Collage property of  Thomas Sayers Ellis

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