Music Legend Sly Stone Is Homeless And Living In A Van

Sly Stone, one of the most influential music figure of the 1960s and 1970s, is now living in a van parked on a Los Angeles street.

The funk and soul music legend, whose group Sly & the Family Stone put out such timeless hits as Dance to the Music and Everyday People, is now 68 and penniless.

A retired couple who live on the street where he regularly parks his camper van, allow him to shower in their home and give him a meal each day,” reports The New York Post who found Stone.

“I like my small camper,” he told The Post. “I just do not want to return to a fixed home. I cannot stand being in one place. I must keep moving.”

Stone had previously lived in mansions in Los Angeles and the Napa Valley. He dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on cars, and drug use played a well-chronicled role in his downfall.

He is now suing a former business manager and he told The Post the FBI is after him. But he still wants to perform.

“My music is a format that will encourage you to have a song you won’t forget. That’s why I got so much money, that there are so many people around, and that’s why I am in court. Millions of dollars!” Stone said.

“But now please tell everybody, please, to give me a job, play my music. I’m tired of all this s–t, man.”

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