Nike Dropped a Kobe Bryant Commercial To End All Kobe Bryant Commercials


Last night was Kobe Bryant‘s last game as an NBA player, and regardless of whether or not he stays involved in the league in some capacity, his presence will be sorely, sorely missed both on and off the court.

Part of that off-court presence has come in the form of several noteworthy Nike commercials over the years, and Kobe’s apparel home just unleashed his final promo spot, appropriately featuring Kobe leading a group of angry fans and players in song–a song dedicated to why they all hate Kobe Bryant.

It’s very fitting, Kobe is admittedly one of the biggest villains the game has ever seen, pushing guys like Clippers coach Doc Rivers to say that he won’t miss Kobe at all, and Kevin Durant to admit that, even in a blowout, he was trying to best the Mamba at every turn. The commercial ends with Kobe walking off confidently into the tunnel, an image that eventually gets emblazoned with Nike’s patented call to action: “Just do it.”