Raheem DeVaughn “Trigga Man” (A Trayvon Martin Song)


“Dear Assassinator.  Dear Murderer.  Did you ever stop to think that I could have been a teacher, a preacher, or play power forward?  That I could have been a surgeon.  A Father.  A Grandpop one day.  But you… you’re a dream killer, Trigga Man. 

“Beyond the color of my skin, the hoodie on my head, did you ever stop to think?  Or was hatred on your mind, Trigger Man?  I’m supposed to be in the yearbook.  I’m supposed to be king of the Prom.  Maybe even get a full ride for an education.  What a price to pay for walking to the store.  Left for dead link an animal.  You’re a coward and a criminal, Trigga Man.”

By Raheem DeVaughn & Styles P
Produced by face and Rai and Art by Demont Peekaso Pinder
Photo property of @Raheem_DeVaughn


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