Face(book) To Face(book) with Agent 99 & Doc Hughes

Face(book) To Face(book) is a direct question and answering interview session conducted directly on the TMOTTGoGo Magazine Facebook Page. In this session, Agent 99 targets Musician/Producer Doc Hughes regarding Faycez U Know and their recent performance at the Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival. ———————— Arihat Idham Dear Doc Hughes, Faycez U Know ROCKED the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on Thursday! The show didn’t just crank; it made me proud. That was GOOOOOD. -Signed, 99 Doc Hughes Thanks a lot we had a good time through out the last two weeks there ,enjoying the people and playing good music .To receive love from our … Continue reading Face(book) To Face(book) with Agent 99 & Doc Hughes

Faycez U Know @ The 2011 WAMA Awards [VIDEO]

Faycez U Know closing out the 25th Annual 2010 W.A.M.A. Awards with a hot performance @ The State Theater in Falls Church VA. playing a medley of their original material (Luv Thang, Soul Swinger and Bottoms Up) and then finishing out with a Go-Go rendition of ‘Flaws and All’. If you listen closely at the end you’ll hear the Mothership start her engines as they left everyone in attendance on their feet and giving a strong cheering and a round of applause. WATCH VIDEO CLIP BELOW: Find more videos like this on TMOTT CITY Continue reading Faycez U Know @ The 2011 WAMA Awards [VIDEO]

Dwayne Lee “Super Bad III” [Lead Guitarist]

Studio B in One World Studios in Washington D.C.. Dwayne Lee “Super Bad III” (Godisheus) broke down a lick he came up with. Keep an eye out he’s played with pretty much every Go-Go band in the District (to include Redds & The Boys,  Little Benny & The Rockers, Familiar Faces, and Faycez U Know).  Hold your attention towards the end there’s a solo clip he’s on during his last live recording. WATCH VIDEO CLIP BELOW: Continue reading Dwayne Lee “Super Bad III” [Lead Guitarist]