Face(book) To Face(book) with Agent 99 & Doc Hughes

Face(book) To Face(book) is a direct question and answering interview session conducted directly on the TMOTTGoGo Magazine Facebook Page. In this session, Agent 99 targets Musician/Producer Doc Hughes regarding Faycez U Know and their recent performance at the Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival.


Dear Doc Hughes,

Faycez U Know ROCKED the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on Thursday! The show didn’t just crank; it made me proud. That was GOOOOOD.


    • Doc Hughes Thanks a lot we had a good time through out the last two weeks there ,enjoying the people and playing good music .To receive love from our DMV family is priceless
      But more importantly ,to have so many folks from outside the DMV party and appreciate the style of music we touched on was a beautiful thang.

    • Arihat Idham How did it feel to crank to a group of excited kids doing the Wobble? LOL!

    • Doc Hughes First off I was shocked that they got down with it like that they were so small It really was a beautiful thing to see our future leaders have a good time and dancing on beat. Lol

    • Arihat Idham Them youngin’s PARTIED!! Well, everybody did. And the band looked like y’all were having fun.
      Is there a difference in the crank when y’all play at something like the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, versus a familiar venue?

    • Doc Hughes Some venues try to contain what you do but I never give in too that very much we do what we do rather irs at a festival or like the place were at tonight Babylon were gonna party .One thing with myself is if we’re not having fun on stage then something’s wrong But so far we have been having a great time everyone’s feeding off each others energy.

    • Arihat Idham Cool! It shows.
      So, who is dude in the all white with the hat, playing the guitar? LOL! I liked him.

    • Doc Hughes That’s Dennis Sixxplayya Atkinson lol
      He’s mean with it and his talent & stage energy is vicious.

    • Arihat Idham Yep!!
      But it’s like that with all of you. That was what came through the most. Like you said, feeding off each other’s energy. OK. Cool…

    • Doc Hughes Ok cool this felt like a small interview. Lol

    • Arihat Idham ?:o)
      I’m Agent 99… it do dat sometimes.

    • Doc Hughes Ohhhh ok I didn’t hear u say that yesterday you just said u worked with Tmott. Lol

    • Arihat Idham Oh, OK. Sorry about that. I’ll learn to work on my intro’s! 😉

    • Arihat Idham Can I ask one more question? Pretty please?

    • Doc Hughes Yes

    • Arihat Idham I had one perspective as a live music fan, seeing the band members work with one another’s talents so well.
      As a band leader, can you name the other people who were on stage with you at the festival, and how you saw each person’s role in giving the audience that great experience?

    • Doc Hughes Oh wow. Well the others were Halima Peru Kal’el gross and Scott carter on that ft line each brings there own style of energy that I vibe off of Halimas energy is just different then most singers that I’ve played with she just entertains from all areas of the stage and will get the audience involved in her songs as Kelels energy just makes that old 70s big band feel come back to life and Scott brings that new energy that keeps us all on our toes so it’s a mean combination of talent up there with me Friday at 6:23pm ·

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