2009 Go-Go Awards: Nominees and Performance Announced

The 2009 Go-Go Awards is scheduled for The Washington Convention Center on Nov. 1.  In addition to D.C.’s own Comedian/Actor Red Grant hosting this year’s event, some of today’s most prominent acts on the Go-Go curcuit are scheduled to perform. Presented by Peace Abode, the acts scheduled to perform are Familiar Faces, Backyard, Suttle Thoughts, and TCB among others. There will also be a reunion performance by Little Benny & The Masters, who are famous for bringing hits such as “Cat In The Hat”, “The Message” and “Big City Groove.” Below is a complete list of nominees and categories. BAND … Continue reading 2009 Go-Go Awards: Nominees and Performance Announced

We Care. Do You?? (Part 1)

This documentary is an exploration of the role of DC’s go go community in helping to stem the violence in Washington’s neighborhoods and help spread a positive message to the city’s youth. Working with the Metropolitan Police Department, various members of the go go scene offered their insights and thoughts on the ways that they can help reduce these issues. Includes appearances by Chuck Brown, Raheem Devaughn, Sugar Bear, Lil Benny, Chucky Thompson, Binta Campbell, Rick Ross, Mike Love, and others. Note that this is Part 1 of two parts Continue reading We Care. Do You?? (Part 1)


This is an excerpt taken from the TMOTTGoGo DVD Magazine — 2003 HOLY SMOKE — IT’S SOULO!!! In this excerpt, Filmmakers Kato & Weaze took a trip to the Takoma Station to catch a live performance by SOULO Band, and caught up with percussionist, Smoke, to question his authority. This was his response. TMOTTGoGo DVD Magazine was originally released in 2003. This was the only DVD Magazine released by TMOTTGoGo, as well as the very first Go-Go DVD Magazine to ever be released. More clips to come. Continue reading HOLY SMOKE — IT’S SOULO!!!