The Temptations & the Funk Brothers in studio session rehearsal (1967)

Given the fact that Motown had not been conducting Live sessions with the vocalists and instrumentalists recording at the same time since at least 1963, this session was clearly staged for the CBS News cameras that were doing a brief piece called The Motown Sound. Pictured in the studio are songwriters Lamont Dozier (Standing on the steps at the back of the studio), Brian Holland (The guy who cuts in on the band), Ivy Jo Hunter (Does the countdown), Russ Terrana (The engineer standing up), James Jamerson on Bass, Earl Van Dyke on piano, Bobbye Hall on congas, and from … Continue reading The Temptations & the Funk Brothers in studio session rehearsal (1967)

Black Music Month: The Funk Brothers

In this clip I’m packing back up from where I left off last week beginning Black Music Month with the focus on Earl Van Dyke, Joe Hunter, Johnny Griffith, Eddie Willis, Joe Messina, Robert White, William “Benny” Benjamin, Richard “Pistol” Allen, Uriel Jones, James Jamerson, Bob Babbit, Jack Ashford and Eddie “Bongo” Brown – aka – The Funk Brothers. HERE ARE A FEW CLIPS FROM STANDING IN THE SHADOWS TO CHECK OUT: The Funk Brothers Reuniting Concert… Joan Osborn:… Also, in commemorating Black History Month, I’m doing a give-a-way. To be considered the recipient of the give-a-way, simply … Continue reading Black Music Month: The Funk Brothers

Mother’s Finest Live “Baby Love”

Mother’s Finest the funk rock band was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Joyce Kennedy and Glenn Murdock in the early 1970s.  Notable partly because they are an “interracial” rock group from the US South. Their music was a blend of funky rhythm, heavy guitars and expressive rock singing. Their debut album Mother’s Finest from 1976 today is a rare collector’s piece and contained with the ironic song “Nigizz Can’t Sing Rock’n Roll” (although they were criticized for it by an important religious leader and dropped it from their live concerts). In the summer of 1977, they opened for The Who … Continue reading Mother’s Finest Live “Baby Love”