An Intimate Interview with the one and only Larry Belafonte

The following is an intimate video interview with vocalist Larry Belafonte (a.k.a.) Stomp Dogg, conducted by his producer Dwayne Lee.   It took place at the first photo shoot for his upcoming single,  “I Know That You Want Me.”  Available for download on 1-11-11. WATCH VIDEO CLIP BELOW:

The Beat: GoGo Music from West Africa to Washington DC – Saturday October, 30

The co-authors of the book, The Beat! Go-Go Music from Washington, DC (Charles Stephenson and Kip Lornell), lead a discussion and demonstration on the emergence of Go-Go music in Washington, DC. Other guests are Shuaib Mitchell, the director of Straight up Go-Go; choreographer/dancer Melvin Deal; and musicians 32 of Northeast … Continue reading

DJ Rico’s GMZ Catches A Good Ol’ Fashion Battle That’s Brewing Go-Go Style – JYB vs NEG

In the ol school spirit of a preperation for a good ol fashion ass whooping “Go-Go Style”, DJ Rico’s GMZ catches the beginning stages of what could possibly end up being the biggest stage battle this side of the new millinium to date.  Watch below as Stomp Dogg (of NEG), … Continue reading

Teach the Beat: Go-Go Music from West Africa to Washington, D.C.

Did you know that the beat that makes Go-Go music go is kin to the beats that were developed in parts of Africa many years ago?  Charles Stephenson and Kip Lornell, co-authors of The Beat! Go-Go Music From Washington, DC, will lead a discussion and demonstration on how Go-Go music emerged … Continue reading