“The Chosen One” – Happy Birthday Tenika “Skinny Pimp” Fontanelle

It has been a year of your tragic death and a year of not being able to celebrate your birthday. We miss your laugh, your jokes, your hugs, your freestyles your raps and dancing. We miss your updates on social media of videos, Pictures, Inspirational Messages, and your Shows. We miss you…. We miss you… we miss you… can’t say it enough. With all the dreams and goals you’ve been inspired to do and all the talks that you’ve had with your son Amarii, Darius and Dre that they’re doing exactly what you’ve said you wish they would do. You’ve set the tone musically, you said y’all need to be creative, be positive, and y’all need to be great and now they’re doing just that. Remember you named all the boys Strong Genes? Well Your “Strong Genes Band” are the “Young Junksters”. They’re talented and now they’re  making their artistry way. You would be so proud of them I know we are. They’re in great hands and so are you as Amarii would say “My Mother was Chosen”  Happy 33rd Birthday to the Chosen One Tenika Fontanelle a.k.a Skinny Pimp.

“The Chosen One”
Young Junksters Ft: Tei

Tei Johnson
Prince Fame
Lil KC

Executive Producer:
Maiah Coles

Written By:
Amarii Fontanelle
Teivon Johnson
Darius Lee-Coles

LBS – Video Production:
Darren Harper – D Harp

Arranged By:
Drumdummie @KingDrumdummie

Audio Engineer:
Kaddy Gutta Nation Musik @KaddyGuttaNationMusik

Kato Hammond