The “Media” side of TMOTT – A New Face Change & Direction

Video sharing is changing the way we view media and the media we view. On the TMOTTMedia, amateur producers can share their videos with thousands of viewers and average people can steal the limelight from Hollywood stars.

Whether you’re looking for a clip of your favorite movie, an important newscast, a how–to video or just some good entertainment, you’re going to find it here on TMOTTMedia. We make it easy to browse, find and watch your favorite streaming video.

You can become a celebrity or famous producer overnight.

Video Submissions
All submissions must be original content. We assume you are authorized to provide promotional usage rights.
If you want to submit an exclusive new video for the site.  Send video submissions to (  Include title, description, and the video url.  (Upload video to
[All video submissions will get proper credit if accepted]


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