TMOTT’s Keeping Go-Go Socially — Which Means Globally Connected

In the ever changing world of the internet, gone are the days of just simple one dimensional message boards.  Information moves much faster these days, to include the ever so important social platforms that allows the average searcher not only the opportunity to stay in connection through various networks, personal and business, as well as up to date in news information, TMOTTGoGo’s continued growth has now made navagation more comfortable and easier for you without you ever having to walk away from the social climate that you have grown so accustomed to.  And all the tools needed are directly in the red toolbar located within the footer area of the TMOTTGoGo website.

We’re giving you rich and interactive feature — more opportunities to Stay in the Know, Engage and Share Content, Watch over 160 of TMOTT Produced YouTube Videos, Update your own Facebook statuses and Twitter tweets, and stay connected with all your friends without ever missing a beat.  This also includes the option to translate any of the go-go stories, updates, and news to either Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Italian, Russian, etc.

For example, if you are listening to the sounds of The TMOTT Socket music streams, you can now at the same time continue engaging with outside sources and social networks without ever leaving the stream, hence knocking your groove.


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