Unique Encouragement: Taking Small Steps Towards Change

Now that we are in our “New Beginnings”, I will continue to keep you encouraged. Each day we take small steps towards our destiny. With each step we take we face a challenge and/or achieve success. Today we all operate with a clean mind and open heart. We asked the Lord to lead us into his VICTORY, and it’s not as easy and less challenging as some of us thought. Some of you may not see change, but CHANGE does not appear to us until we have believed that we have received it.

Some of us are still facing the same opposition today, that we faced in 2008. This is simply because nothing just happens. We allowed those closed doors in are lives to reopen. Last week we prayed a prayer to get us through to our “New Beginnings”, each day we have to take actual steps in a different direction to allow ourselves to be done with our past. For some of us it is easy and for some of us it’s hard to bare. So today I want us to come together and to continue to pray for change in our lives that will lead us on to our VICTORY!

Lord we come to you today in unity; we ask that we receive discernment of all things according to our lives and where you would have us to be this day. Lord we ask that you increase our Faith and lead us down your path of righteousness. Lord at times we feel that fight is not over and at times we want to give in, Lord we ask that you give us the strength to win each battle and the strength to never give in. Lord you called us blessed and are created in your image and likeness. Lord teach us how to be the living word. Lord each day continue to draw us near you through relationship. Lord place people in our lives that will encourage us each step of the way. Lord send us angels that will help us develop our spirits in order to better ourselves and be a blessing unto another. Lord with each step we take, allow our eyes to be open wide and experience life’s test and be a living testimony. Lord we thank you for who you are and praise your name.

Today I encourage you all to CHALLENGE yourself in the area where you have doubt. I challenge you to forgive someone, love someone, teach someone, help someone and to be who God has called you to be. If you are unsure of who God has called you to be, through prayer the answer will be revealed. We all know on the inside what our one true goal or desire is…IT”S TIME TO BRING IT TO LIFE!

Be Encouraged
Tennille L. Whittington
www.myspace.com/Unique Encouragement

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