Update on Polo & Video Get Well Card from TCB Bouncebeat Blog

The usual star studded birthday extravaganza, every hood repped, every single body bouncing, Polo’s birthday has long been a highly anticipated event.  This year was no different as TCB celebrated Polo’s birthday with the same passion and drive as if Polo was leading from his usual place on the second tier of the stage.

Still going strong, still passionate, still rocking for Polo, TCB can’t stop, won’t stop.  Understandably, its been a while since an update has been posted on their blog but on his second birthday since he took ill, TCB took to the blog to update the public on Polo’s condition and how we all can assist the band and family with his recovery.

A lot of people have been wondering what has been going on with Polo since the last time we posted anything on his health. After talking with his parent we can now update you on his health.



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