Vince Gray Workers CAUGHT ON TAPE in Vote BuyingScandal [VIDEO]

Part I of the Video –

Saturday, September  11, 2010, at the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center early voting polls, Mayor Fenty’s poll worker, Earl Horton observed Board of Election officials confront a male voter, who asked for a gift card inside of the voting site.  The man was questioned and let go. Mr. Horton was concerned, and followed after the guy outside; however, Mr. Horton was unable to catch up with him.

While standing outside, Mr. Horton noticed Fenty campaign workers engaged in conversation with another young man, Mr. Twon Goode, who mistakenly entered a silver Fenty van, and asked the drivers for his gift card he was promised. Both confused and curious, the Fenty drivers questioned Mr. Goode about his expectation to receive a gift card after voting.  Mr. Goode proceeded to inform the Fenty drivers that he was promised a $10 Giant gift card by Vincent Gray’s campaign volunteers that were posted up at a near by Giant grocery store on Alabama Avenue in S.E., Washington, D.C. He went on to describe the details of his conversation with the volunteers. Mr. Goode said that some of the volunteers wore blue and red Vince Gray shirts, and others wore Ward 8 DC Coalition shirts.

Mr. Goode went on to say that the Gray volunteers instructed him to:

1. ride in a silver Vince Gray van to the polls,
2. vote,
3. get a “I Voted” sticker,
4. return to the Giant in the van,
5. show them his “I Voted” sticker, and then
6. receive a $10 Giant gift card.

With this information, Fenty poll workers and staff volunteered to go to the Giant grocery store to verify Mr. Goode’s allegations. This part of the video shows Mr. Goode returning to the Giant parking lot with Ms. Clara Davis, a Fenty supporter wearing a black shirt with white floral print.  Once they arrive to the Giant store, Ms. Davis and Mr. Goode approached Ms. Tiffany Rose, the Vince Gray supporter who promised Mr. Goode a $10 Giant gift card for his vote.  Ms. Rose, who just sponsored a Vince Gray fundraiser the day before, gave Mr. Goode his $10 gift card, and also revealed the entire operation to Ms. Davis.  After giving Mr. Goode his $10 Giant gift card, Tiffany Rose escorted Ms. Davis to Mrs. Cora Master Barry, who was waiting at the silver Vince Gray vans. Mrs. Barry introduced herself to Ms. Davis (the Fenty supporter), and confirmed that she must ride the Vince Gray van to the polls in order to get a $10 Giant gift card after she voted.

Part II of the Video –

Mrs. Cora Master Barry told two undercover males, David Marshall and Kevon Mosely, that they would get a $10 Giant gift card if they rode the Vince Gray van to the polls, voted, and returned with the “I Voted” sticker.  In this video clip, Mr. Marshall and Mr. Mosely got into the Vince Gray van, and Mr. Mosely has a conversation with the Vince Gray drivers. The drivers confirm that their campaign’s plan was to pay voters with a $10 Giant gift card for voting, and that their ability to do this was “a blessing from Mrs. Barry.”

On the way to the polls, the drivers told the Mr. Mosley and Mr. Marshall that they are voting for Vincent Gray, and they spoke of Mayor Fenty in a derogatory manner, criticizing his policies and his decisions as mayor. The drivers also said that Gray takes care of his people, which is what our city needs. When Mr. Mosley asked for clarification about who he should ask for his $10 Giant gift card inside the polls, the drivers adamantly discouraged Mr. Mosely from asking anyone about the gift card; The drivers assured him that they would give them their $10 Giant gift cards, so they must only talk to them [the drivers] about the $10 gift card.

After pretending to vote, Mr. Mosely and Mr. Marshall rode back to the Giant grocery store in the Vince Gray vans, and each received their $10 Giant gift cards. (This portion of the video is black and has audio coverage only, because Mr. Mosley placed the video camera in his pocket, so the drivers could not see the camera.)

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