Chris Paul Quits WPGC’s Donnie Simpson, Jumping To Radio One?

On Wednesday, June 10, DCRTV broke the news that comedian Chris Paul (right) quit WPGC’s morning Donnie Simpson show without any notice, while Donnie is on vacation.  Paul’s been yanked from CBS-owned PGC’s website and there are rumors that he’s jumping to Radio One, which runs PGC’s urban rival, WKYS. We’re also now hearing about a lot of turmoil at PGC, a longtime urban-formatted station. The ratings have slumped, since the Portable People Meters got unveiled in the DC market last fall. PGC is no longer a reliable “top 5” performer like it had been for many years. More likely, today, it’s 14th or 15th. And there has been a slump in Simpson’s numbers. We’re told that CBS suits are doing studies to see where the station should be format-wise. There’s been some talk about “moving” the station in more of a contemporary hits direction, a la CBS’s new Amp format in LA or Now format in NYC, to better battle Clear Channel’s high-rated WIHT, Hot 99.5.

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