Clifton Powell Gives EZ Street a Powerful & Touching Interview About Growing Up in DC

Actor Clifton Powell, probably most notably known from movies such as Ray, Next Friday, Friday After Next, The Gospel, Menace II Society, and my personal favorite, Dead Presidents, is also in the currently released DVD Jazz In The Diamond District.

In the clip below, Powell shares a poweful and emotion interview with WKYS’s EZ Street about his life growing up in the Mayfair/Parkside area of Washington, DC (the same place my parents grew up I might add), and getting into the arts, to include the Duke Ellington School of Arts (where I went, I might also add).

I personally have to say that I first caught attention to Clifton Powell’s work in the television series ‘Roc’ and ‘South Central.’

Click the audio arrow below to listen to the interview:

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