Go-Go Music in Central Texas

Go-Go Music Comes to Central Texas via KOOP Radio and the Pocket Beats Show

AUSTIN, TX., Oct 19, 20011 –  91.7 KOOP (pronounced koh-op) radio, a  community radio station in Austin Texas owned and operated by its members, announced that they have added the show “Pocket Beats” to their online program schedule.  Aaron Bryant, the host of the Pocket Beats show, will be streaming live online Wednesday nights from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm CST at www.koop.org.

Pocket Beats will explore Go-Go music which is a sub-genre of music associated with R & B/Funk and has its origins in Washington D.C. Inspired by artists such as Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers, Trouble Funk  and Rare Essence, the music is primarily a dance hall music with emphasis on live audience call and response.

The host of the show, Aaron Bryant, was born and raised in the Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area and has lived in Austin for over 14 years. Aaron grew up in a household that was always filled with music. There weren’t many channels on the television or video games back then, so music was the outlet. Putting together his first dj equipment, using his mother’s turntable and a $50 mixer from Radio Shack, he began practicing in the basement to perfect his beat matching and scratching skills. Aaron started making mix tapes for family, friends and once the word got out; he started to do parties around the local area. Through Pocket Beats, Aaron will explore this genre of music and deliver it in an informative way for those new to this art form.

KOOP provides a diverse array of programming, emphasizing programs that deal with local issues and/or serve communities which are under-served by the mainstream media. KOOP’s Mission is “to provide high quality, innovative, and diverse community-oriented programming to Austin with an emphasis on those communities that are ignored or underserved by mainstream media; including serving and promoting specific communities of African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Chicanas/os, elders, gays, lesbians, homeless, immigrants, Indigenous people, Latinos/as, people with disabilities, women, working and poor people, youth, and other underserved communities. KOOP Community Radio supports the struggle for social justice and peace. KOOP Community Radio will operate with a high level of participation and accountability to the communities being served.”

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