“Hardstep” Mike Taylor on The ONE ON ONE w/Kato Hammond (FULL INTERVIEW)

In this episode of The ONE ON ONE, “Hardstep” Mike Taylor takes us on a historical Go-Go journey that expands 36 years. When it comes to Go-Go music, my guest today is one who has been embedded within the fabric of its existence for the past 36 years. A gentle giant in a game with a resume unmatched by many. Yet you can never tell by the humbleness of his demeanor. From the beginning stages of Black Love to Experience Unlimited to Little Benny and The Masters to 4 Sho to Familiar Faces to Let it Flow and more, his passion for the culture can not be denied. Carrying on his back his contributions to such hits as Oooh La La La, DaButt and Cat In The Hat, and a very unique nick-name that derived from 100% of energy his that gives on the stage, please welcome Mr. “Hard Step” Michael Taylor.