How To Submit Your Music For Consideration Into Rotation on TMOTTRadio

TMOTTRadio is always open to helping introduce listeners to material. It is no doubt one of our central missions, and we welcome independent artists, especially from the Go-Go genre, to submit their music or comedy for possible inclusion on TMOTTRadio.

We have a deep respect for artists and their work, and so we take the responsibility of curating TMOTTRadio’s collection very seriously. We see an enormous, and always growing, number of submissions, and the task of selection is made even harder by the limits on our capacity for adding new content.

The Basics: How to Submit

Please keep in mind that although we are an internet radio station, we take the programming of our shows and daily rotation playlists very seriously and very professionally.  We try to balance a knowledgeable and fair evaluation of the submission’s value to our collection with what we know and can predict about the interests of our listeners and the current state of TMOTTRadio. Our goal is to put together a collection of music and comedy that will be most pleasing to listeners who will hear it. Therefore, in submitting your material for consideration, the more professional your package is, the better chances you have in successful consideration.  Just as professional as regular offline radio stations require you to submit material to them, is just as professional as we require it as well.

By sending your submission to TMOTTRadio,you are granting the radio station permission to play the submission on-air in the sole discretion of the station.

To submit your music or comedy to TMOTTRadio, these points are a must:

  • Music must be mixed, mastered, and ready for airplay.
  • Sound quality is a MUST
  • Title of the track and artist name (this information is needed for metadata purposes of course)
  • Contact information
  • Material sent in Mp3 format

** material not containing these points will not even be considered.

There are two routes that you can go in submitting your material:

1). To a particular programmed show: TMOTTRadio hosts several different programmed shows. Each serving a unique and special format that caters exclusively to the style of their programs. Each show has it’s own contact information, whether via email or twitter where you can reach them. You will find this information on their individual program pages, which are located in the top area of the TMOTTRadio panel (under the title “On-Air Personalities”).

2). Directly: You can also submit your material directly on the TMOTTRadio page.  Material submit through this channel will be considered for daily rotation, as well as forwarded to each programmed show for their consideration to add into their programs.

Please note again that there is no guarantee that your submission will be accepted. If the decision is made to include your music or comedy in TMOTTRadio’s programmed shows and/or daily rotation, then we will get in touch with you and let you know that your material has been accepted.