A Warning Message from TMOTTRadio

JUST A QUICK HEADS UP: The link of tmottgogoradio.com DOES NOT take you to the TMOTTGoGo Radio website, but instead, it unsuspectingly and deceivingly redirects you to the GoGoRadio website. Apparently, what I assume must have has happened is that upon the hearing that TMOTTGoGo was in the process of launching an internet radio station over a year ago, GoGoRadio went and immediately grabbed the domain name of tmottgogoradio.com, and then (as well as now) with the intent of deception, uses that domain name to redirect people to their website instead of TMOTT.  And that’s exactly was has been happening. … Continue reading A Warning Message from TMOTTRadio

How To Submit Your Music For Consideration Into Rotation on TMOTTRadio

TMOTTRadio is always open to helping introduce listeners to material. It is no doubt one of our central missions, and we welcome independent artists, especially from the Go-Go genre, to submit their music or comedy for possible inclusion on TMOTTRadio. We have a deep respect for artists and their work, and so we take the responsibility of curating TMOTTRadio’s collection very seriously. We see an enormous, and always growing, number of submissions, and the task of selection is made even harder by the limits on our capacity for adding new content. The Basics: How to Submit Please keep in mind … Continue reading How To Submit Your Music For Consideration Into Rotation on TMOTTRadio