A Warning Message from TMOTTRadio



The link of tmottgogoradio.com DOES NOT take you to the TMOTTGoGo Radio website, but instead, it unsuspectingly and deceivingly redirects you to the GoGoRadio website.

Apparently, what I assume must have has happened is that upon the hearing that TMOTTGoGo was in the process of launching an internet radio station over a year ago, GoGoRadio went and immediately grabbed the domain name of tmottgogoradio.com, and then (as well as now) with the intent of deception, uses that domain name to redirect people to their website instead of TMOTT.  And that’s exactly was has been happening.

This is a form of deception that I guess we have to live with, and therefore wanted to make sure that people were at least aware of.  The correct url that takes you to the TMOTTGoGo Radio website is:  tmottradio.com.  This is why we now refer to it as just simply TMOTTRadio, although folks still refer to it as TMOTTGoGo Radio because of its association with TMOTTGoGo Media.

I guess we aren’t “ALL WE GOT” after all.

Thank you for your continued support,
Kato Hammond