Interview Session with Chuck Brown [circ. May 2007]

I was moved to dig into the TMOTTGoGo archives crates and pull out an audio session of an interview the we had done with Chuck Brown. I just merely wanted to sit and listen to it. After listening to all the wealth of knowledge and history shared in this interview, I thought to myself, “Why not?” Why not share this audio session so that others (who may not have heard it before) would get a chance to listen it as well. And therefore, I decided to share it here.

Now, just breaking it down to exactly what was going on during the time that this interview had taken place, it was spring May of 2007. Chuck Brown had just released his 21st album entitled “We’re About The Business”, which spawned such hits as “Chuck Baby”, “Block Party” and “The Party Roll”. During this same time, we at TMOTTGoGo were running a morning radio show entitled “Kato & The TMOTT Crew Morning Show”. And on this particular day, Chuck sat with us as we interviewed for 2 hours straight… or should I say, shared conversation and reminisced on his entire music career.


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN (don’t forget to turn off the TMOTTRadio playing in the top right panel area of this page):

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