Let’s Put Our Heads Together


“Pop, pop, pop…one is shot, who’s to blame?
Headlines, front page….”

But will go-go be the name?

My heart sank a little this morning as I read yet another headline of “ Three stabbed at nightclub…”

As a human, you think first of the people that were hurt and their families that were affected. Then, after the compassion for the victims wears, the outrage starts to build up, as you think, ‘here we go again with this dumb shit.’

The blame absolutely needs to be placed on the individuals that are committing the violent acts. It is absolutely their fault that people are dying, getting hurt, clubs are getting closed, and bands are suffering. But…they’ve already proven that they don’t give an eff anyway by their behavior in the first place. So, just sweep any thoughts of reaching them under the rug and guess that maybe those acts are because they can’t hold their liquor, have low self esteem, succumbed to peer pressure, or just had no home training.

Once we realize that we need to take a different approach to this issue, things get gray. Who should be responsible for stepping up and making changes?