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Watch Spike Lee Handle The Hate He Receives During An On Camera Interview


During an interview regarding his Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign for his film “The Sweet Blood of Jesus”, Spike Lee skillfully corrects the female Bloomberg host (who tries to paint a negative picture of how he should instead stop his crowdfunding campaign) by putting her into her place and schooling about the … Continue reading

How To Suck At Social Media: Bad Advice For Bands


When it comes to building your music career, Social Media is a zero-sum game. Your fans should only like one band: your band. There’s simply not enough social media to go around. As an artist, you must either conquer social media outright or leave nothing behind but scorched earth. Here’s how. Some important things to remember if … Continue reading

12 ways to grow your band’s email list


I’ve been hearing from a lot of bands who’ve had it with Facebook. These groups have spent years (and lots of money) using the platform to build a community of 1,000 or 10,000 or 50,000 Facebook followers. Now Facebook wants them to pay more money in order to reach the very same people that’ve already liked their band […]

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