Mastermind of Botched Sean Taylor Burglary Convicted of Murder & Sentenced to Life in Prison

File photo of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor in Philadelphia

Jason Mitchell, the man believed to be the mastermind of the botched burglary that resulted in the death of Sean Taylor, was convicted of first-degree felony murder and armed burglary and was sentenced to life in prison.  Mitchell is the second man convicted in connection with the shooting death of the former Redskins safety.  His conviction comes Continue reading

Dave Chappelle Visits David Letterman, Talks About Leaving Show


A visibly stockier Dave Chappelle  sat across David Letterman, for a rare public television appearance on the Late Show. The two comedians share a past history of comradery , which was clearly evident and made plain for the world to see, when Chappelle grabbed the host’s hand at the end, thanking him for the opportunity. While it was a nice Continue reading

Dream Big


Bottom line, big dreamers make things happen.  They flock to crop like cosmic slop… sprinkling the seams with their big ol dreams. But enough of my failed attempt at free-style poetry.  Check out the video clip below of these big dreamers Kendall, Killa Cal, Cedes and Brandi, as they hit … Continue reading