Reesa Renee’s Midas Touch [DC Brand 99]

Reesa Renee has a boundless, compelling dynamism that grabs art-chasing hearts and music-loving minds.  Whenever she performs in the DC area, social media is all abuzz about how great her shows are.  Enjoying such strong audience love while pushing an album as solid as Reelease, Reesa Renee is well on her way to the career heights of her dreams. It’s a great feeling to meet a rising young star in one’s hometown and actually believe in the person’s talent as well as their ability to obtain large-scale popularity beyond the regional borders.  The feeling gets better over time when such … Continue reading Reesa Renee’s Midas Touch [DC Brand 99]

Go-Go, the Giver and the Gift [DC Brand 99]

At a few different points in go-go history, there was a permeating confidence that the best was yet to come for the genre.   But currently, faith in go-go’s future is notably inconsistent across go-go culturists.  It’s not just the petty bickering that tells so much, but the silence of some of the brightest artists is so downright deafening that naysayers’ potshots at the bands are actually being paid attention to.  What’s up with the thunderous crank of love and support from those who are best equipped to do so? On every day and in every season, there is room for … Continue reading Go-Go, the Giver and the Gift [DC Brand 99]