Go-Go, the Giver and the Gift [DC Brand 99]

At a few different points in go-go history, there was a permeating confidence that the best was yet to come for the genre.   But currently, faith in go-go’s future is notably inconsistent across go-go culturists.  It’s not just the petty bickering that tells so much, but the silence of some of the brightest artists is so downright deafening that naysayers’ potshots at the bands are actually being paid attention to.  What’s up with the thunderous crank of love and support from those who are best equipped to do so?

On every day and in every season, there is room for all that is good and positive, but collectively, most individuals have designated the holiday season as the time to pass the good vibes around.  Christmas has passed and we are looking ahead to the New Year, but go-go did give itself a holiday package with the power to inspire some hope that go-go’s future is indeed very bright.  The “Let’s Go-Go Christmas” show on Monday, December 17, 2012 held a multitude of gifts brought by some true go-go heroes, including the talented musicians and their loyal, appreciative fans.

The magic and wonder of the great go-go gift package was both inspirational and alarming.  The show was inspirational because the scene itself was beautiful.  The instrumentalists of the Chuck Brown Band and Be’la Dona sounded as good as ever, the featured vocalists gave very good performances, and the vibe of the attendees was on that love and good-time shit.  How could all of that be alarming?  Because of what was missing.  When Buggs got on the mic and started singing, I found myself wishing I could turn to TMOTTGoGo’s Mark Te’ago Ward with a look to let him know I’d be expecting his opinion after the show.


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