’22 Jump Street’ Tops Weekend Box Office

No surprise there.  Congratulations are in order for Ice Cube, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and the entire “22 Jump Street” cast. The film topped this past weekend’s box office taking in about $60 Million. “All the stars were aligned for us,” Rory Bruer, Sony Pictures president of worldwide distribution told Variety. “We had great reviews, great Continue reading ’22 Jump Street’ Tops Weekend Box Office

Chris Tucker & Ice Cube In Talks for ANOTHER ‘Friday’

via TMZ… Chris Tucker has been in serious talks with Ice Cube about reprising his role as SMOKEYYYYY … so says the guy who played DeBo in the “Friday” series. Tiny Lister was chillin’ last night outside Pueblo Viejo in Hollywood — when the scariest man in Hollywood told TMZ … Tucker flew him out on his private jet recently to discuss the possibility of getting the ORIGINAL “Friday” crew back together. FYI — Tucker shot into superstardom playing pot-obsessed Smokey in the original “Friday” back in 1995 … and then refused to appear in any of the sequels, citing … Continue reading Chris Tucker & Ice Cube In Talks for ANOTHER ‘Friday’

We Be Clubbin wit Ice Cube

By Nena Brown TMOTTGoGo’s friend and favored Ice Cube recently made his 8th stop on the multi city “Ice Cube Tour” at Baltimore’s Bourbon Street.  As DJ 5 Starr spun a little Jay Z, some Wu Tang, a lot of Death Row and various Nate Dogg laced choruses, the anticipation and the horde thickened.  While the Baltimore DJ spun, the cover of Ice Cube’s latest album “I Am the West” draped the background and set the scene on stage.  The crowd was as diverse as the certified platinum rap icon and seasoned actor, some dressed in Ice Cube’s signature all … Continue reading We Be Clubbin wit Ice Cube