5 Predictions for the Music Industry in 2011 [Mashable]

via Mashable.com – The music industry continued suffering its hardcore identity crisis in 2010, buffeted by the languishing major labels, continued leaks/file-sharing and that most confusing of conundrums: How to get music to fans in a way that makes sense — without losing money. Still, despite the industry’s continuing difficulty to adapt to the digital age in a truly profitable way, we have seen some stirrings of change: the expansion of the online music video oeuvre, more creative and diverse methods of releasing albums (via Ping, Facebook (Facebook) and even mobile apps), and more mainstream, established publications and institutions embracing … Continue reading 5 Predictions for the Music Industry in 2011 [Mashable]

What Must You Do To Be A DJ: DeeJay Rico

What must you do to be a deejay?  There used to be a time when the answer to that question was simply grabbing two turntables and a microphone.  However, add corporates into this mix and you’re going find that’s a bit more than just putting the needle to the groove. Just ask DeeJay Rico.  In the midst of the shock of hearing that Donnie Simpson would be leaving the airwaves of radio station WPGC, ending a total of 32 years of service to the Washington DC metropolitan area, we also find out that those same airwaves will now also be … Continue reading What Must You Do To Be A DJ: DeeJay Rico

New Documentary Explores Sample-Based Legal Battles in Hip-Hop

by Tracey Ford The new music documentary ‘Copyright Criminals’ takes a magnified look at samples in hip-hop and the resulting, endless copyright battles. The film, which premieres on Tuesday, Jan. 26, at the Toronto Film Festival, and then part of PBS’ Independent Lens Series, investigates the legitimacy of famous hip-hop copyright disputes. Industry veterans and sample-based pioneers like De La Soul, Chuck D, Pete Rock, Public Enemy and Mix Master Mike lend their knowledge to the debate through in-depth interviews and commentary while the film explores the motivation behind so called “copyfights.” Filmmakers Benjamin Franzen and Kembrew McLeod were able … Continue reading New Documentary Explores Sample-Based Legal Battles in Hip-Hop

Record Labels Face $6 Billion Damages for Pirating Artists

While the major record labels were dragging file-sharers and BitTorrent sites to court for copyright infringement, they were themselves being sued by a conglomerate of artists for exactly the same offenses. Warner, Sony BMG, EMI and Universal face up to $6 billion in damages for pirating a massive 300,000 tracks. It is no secret that the major record labels have a double standard when it comes to copyright. On the one hand they try to put operators of BitTorrent sites in jail and ruin the lives of single mothers and students by demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, … Continue reading Record Labels Face $6 Billion Damages for Pirating Artists

Wale Blames Interscope for Album Shortage

by Sharks D.C. rapper Wale’s highly-anticipated debut, ‘Attention Deficit’ was released yesterday, but good luck finding it on store shelves. Despite heavy promotion leading up to the release — a collaboration with Lady GaGa, a cover story in XXL magazine’s and several appearances on late night talk shows — the rapper’s label, Interscope Records, shipped an insufficient supply of physical copies to retail outlets. Wale learned of the shortage after receiving tweets from fans who attempted to purchase the record in stores. “I wish y’all could see how many messages I got saying their local Borders, Target and Best Buy … Continue reading Wale Blames Interscope for Album Shortage

Wale Speaks on Flipping Beastie Boys at VH1’s Hip Hop Honors

Wale paid homage to music icons past and present at VH1’s Hip Hop Honors 2009, which aired last night (October 13), but put his own twist on one performance. Performing the Beastie Boys classic “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” at the tribute show, which celebrated Def Jam’s 25th anniversary, the DC rapper flipped the script on the Beasties’ rock-infused hit. “I just changed the lyrics a little bit,” Wale told VIBE last month at the New York launch party for NBA2K10, one day after the show’s taping. “As much as I tried to memorize it I couldn’t, so I just said … Continue reading Wale Speaks on Flipping Beastie Boys at VH1’s Hip Hop Honors

Junkyard Band’s “Sweet Love” – MHz Urban

In the video clip, Junkyard Band (JYB) performs live in the television program MHz Urban, which was hosted by DC’s own Michel Wright. Folks who can remember will remember all the love and support that Michel showed the go-go culture by allowing many of the bands to appear on the program and showcase their talents to the world. I guess when you look at it like that, you could say that Michel was DC’s version of Arsenio Hall. Continue reading Junkyard Band’s “Sweet Love” – MHz Urban

50 Cent Hits Howard U with Book Signing Power

Music superstar and business mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and author Robert Greene are coming to Howard University as part of their tour to introduce their new book, The 50th Law. This collaboration is a follow up to Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power, which was a phenomenal success, selling over 900,000 copies. During their stop, Jackson and Greene will critique business plans proposed by students enrolled in Concept 120, an ELI Institute course. [ click here for more information ] Continue reading 50 Cent Hits Howard U with Book Signing Power