What Must You Do To Be A DJ: DeeJay Rico

What must you do to be a deejay?  There used to be a time when the answer to that question was simply grabbing two turntables and a microphone.  However, add corporates into this mix and you’re going find that’s a bit more than just putting the needle to the groove.

Just ask DeeJay Rico.  In the midst of the shock of hearing that Donnie Simpson would be leaving the airwaves of radio station WPGC, ending a total of 32 years of service to the Washington DC metropolitan area, we also find out that those same airwaves will now also be without the spinning and screaming of DeeJay Rico.

On Friday, January 28, Rico began a series of video blogs, via facebook, and emotionally announced that he had been fired from WPGC… for… get this:  Breaking Format:


Click One:

Clip Two:

Clip Three:

Clip Four

In clip four, DeeJay Rico asks the question ‘What should his next move be?  What should he do next?’  My answer to him is that he is already doing it.  Continue building your audience and branding your name.  The internet is a beast.  Use it to its fullest and to the max.  Besides, in using what the internet has to offer you, you definitely don’t have to worry about stuff such as the PPM’s (Portable People Meters) knocking your groove.

According to the Washington Post, “Donnie Simpson said he had thought about not doing Friday’s show. He stayed off the air on Thursday to protest the firing of one of his production assistants, DJ Rico, a 19-year station employee. Rico said he was fir…ed for playing music, including a Prince song, that Simpson had asked for on Wednesday, but had not been approved by the station’s management. Samuel V. Rogers, the CBS Radio executive who oversees WPGC, declined to comment.”

Bottom line, what must you to to be a deejay?  Have yourself a backup plan!

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