Tamasha & Dominique’s Danimals Dance

Starring my daughters: Tamasha & Dominique

Just wanted to share a project that I am doing with them. They grew excited and wanted to enter a video contest demonstrating how Danimals Smoothie turns their ordinary day into an extra ordinary day. I have to say that they did an awesome job from their concept to their wardrobe designing to the hard work they put into filming it.

Dominique (9) did the co-directing. I’m serious. First of all this was her baby. She’s the one who came to me about doing it. Then… when I drew up a storyboard for it, she came back later with her version of what she thought the storyboard should be… so we compromised. lol

Tamasha (14) is a more behind the camera … Read Moretype person. She’s the one who picked out what outfits they should wear and how their hair should be done. She’s like the watch over guardian of Dominique. We were just able to convince her to participate in front of the camera as well.

Please wish them luck!!

If you get a chance, log on an vote for them:

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