The Business of Music – And Your Role In It [Episode One: Creating Your Internet Presence]

Many times a band, or rap group, or individual performer get to thinking that because they have a myspace or facebook page, or because they sit and tweet their daily acitivities, that they are set as far as internet presence is concerned.  Acutally, this isn’t too far from the truth, but it isn’t the truth.  The social websites are simply just for that, socializing.

If you have have space through the social sites, then what you are on is borrowed space.  You have no control over the direction in which that sites goes.  Therefore, that is not your home.  It is where you socialize.  it is where you got to connect with old friends, make new friends, keep up with what’s going on in the industry, and network.

Then, what you can do is invite them into your home.  Your website.  Your domain.  Your

If you have no website to invite them to, then you’re actually homeless.  You have no real stage to showcase yourself to them on.  All your music, all your images, all your products, all your promotions have no place to reside.  Therefore, they have no designated ground to solely stand on.

Adding your material to only the social sites just adds to the flood of the millions of others already there.  To the consumer, it becomes overwhelming… and confusing.  And let us not forget that just recently facebook attemped to lay claim to any material uploaded onto their server.  That would include your material as well.

All that said, if you don’t have your own personal website, the first step is to do that now.  It’s as simple as just a few clicks of your mouse.  Simply click in right here to BLUE HOST and get yourself registered.  That’s step one!

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