The BYB Influence Rocks The BET Stage (Wale, Gucci Mane, UCB, Tre & Weensey)

If you’re going to deliver to the world some of your homegrown flavor, why not give it to them live and not just samples of it?  At least that’s the way rapper Wale brought it when he took it to the BET Hip-Hop Awards’ stage.  Instead of flavoring the stage with sprinkles of Backyard Band’s Dope Jam shots, UCB let the keyboards do the talking.  And instead of filling the air with sampled hooks of Backyard Band’s vocalist Weensey singing “Pretty Girls,” the stage was greeted by Weensey himself.

I can dig it!

Watch video clip below:And also… here’s some raw Backyard with Weensey on vocals:

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