Today’s Business of Music… & Your Role In It

By Kato

No longer can the lack of radio support or obtaining a record deal be the scapegoat for a band or individual artist’s not being able to gain national attention.  The playing field from what it used to be 10, and definitely 20 years ago is now basically on even level.  Sure, there are many who have more of the advantages, but due to the leveling of the playing field, the same things can be achieved by anyone, with a little more grinding… and a lot more paying attention and making use of the advantages you now have playing in your favor.

Hip-Hop artists are doing it themselves.  Authors are publishing their own books.  Anyone with a quality HD camera and the hunger for cinema can make a film.  And you know what?  Because of the internet, there is no longer a middle man needed distribution reaches to your audience.

So now what’s your excuse?

With the advent of today’s internet marketing techniques through social media, you are now able to showcase your live shows via video platforms such as YouTube or Film Rookie.  You are not able to not only allow your music to be heard, but to be instantly purchased via MP3 and Ringtone downloads.  You are now able to nationally brand yourselves, spit shine your images and tell your stories via social website such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg and MySpace.  In fact, you are now able to completely build your platform in the most effective way having to go through hearing some type of gatekeeper try and tell you that your work isn’t marketable and won’t sell.  Yes… thanks to today’s media technologies, you will never have to deal with that person again.  Now how you decide to portray that image and produce that music is solely up to you.  But never again can you put the blame on any outside sources.

In the classic Chuck Grown go-go song, “Bustin Loose”, Chuck begins with the demanding phrase, “Keep what you’ve got until you get what you need.”  Well… for the past 30 years, you’ve given a lot.  But now I’m here to tell you that just what you have needed is now here.

In this, my friends, are the areas that will strictly be focusing on.  The production.  The image building.  The promoting.  The marketing.  And everything else that entails please your current audience and building some new ones.  Talkin ‘bout making moves.  This surpasses going just beyond the beltway by 2650 miles. (that’s DC to LA by the way).

In the words of the Legendary James Funk, “Now, how you gonna carry it?”

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